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High-frequency converters


  • Transformers for Switch Mode Power Supplies according to DIN EN 61558-2-16
  • For Information Technology Equipment according to
    DIN EN 60950-1
  • For Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use according to
    DIN EN 61010-1
  • Optional: according to
    UL 5085-1 CAN/CSA C22.2 No.66.1-06 No. 66.2-06


  • 10mVA to 10kVA


  • Magnetic axis horizontal or vertical
  • PCB Print Construction
  • Potted in an enclosure
  • EMC screen
  • Toroidal core
  • High power or current application using cable or separate connectors


  • SMD Surface Mount Device, optionally supplied in a reel
  • Cooling for high power dissipation with aluminum housing and potting


  • CON19 - CON 24 - CON 25

Further information, data sheets or quotes can be obtained on request.