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Elektronik und Transformatoren

We transform ideas into high-performance products
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Creating added value

with foresight won by experience

Customer-oriented thought

In many areas of development and manufacturing of Electronic Units and Transformers cost exists which could be lowered with the necessary experience and well-founded know-how. That is what we do. For us customer orientation means that we create added value with technical knowledge and foresightedness based on experience – all for the economic benefit of our clients.

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

  • Development support during definition of specifications
  • Layout development with placing of components and routing
  • Development of units starting in a concept stage and finishing with serial production
  • Development of circuits
  • Production of customized electronic units
  • Manufacturing optimization using reduction of types and pieces
  • Manufacturing optimization of the final device stability

Transformer services

  • Product development according to customer-specific limiting conditions
  • Support in product development and definition of specifications
  • Support in selection of optimum materials
  • Development of new Manufacturing technology to reduce cost
  • Reduction of types and parts to reduce cost
  • Warehousing, packaging and delivery, on-time and in optimum quantity
  • Continual maintenance of contacts and contractual optimization