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We transform ideas into high-performance products
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Transformers - General Information

Development technology

From concept to readiness for serial production

Customized specific Transformers for all sectors

We develop and manufacture series and special Transformers, either by reproduction or by thinking up new ideas. The consideration of individual limiting conditions during the development phase is decisive for the quality of the product. We offer the necessary experience and know-how as your partner in development. We also have special knowledge of efficient and cost-saving Manufacturing especially in winding technology.

Examples of general limiting conditions

  • Electrical performance properties
  • Highest-possible performance in the given installation space
  • Pre-defined thermal properties
  • Adaption to customer interfaces
  • Reliable mounting and connection technology
  • Low no-load losses
  • Limitation of inrush currents
  • Consideration of environmental pollution conditions
  • Mechanical stress effects, shock and vibration resistance
  • RoHS-conformity

Our products

  • 1- and 3-phase transformers
  • 1- and 3-phase power supplies
  • 1- and 3-phase chokes
  • Toroidal core transformers
  • High-Frequency Converters

All products and technologies are subject to strict testing. They comply with common EU directives as well as ISO standards.

Our strengths

Development technology

Know-how and experience in development technology shape price, quality, production time and the future availability of the product.