Wagner Elektrogeräte GmbH
Elektronik und Transformatoren

We transform ideas into high-performance products
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Sulzbacher Straße 4-8
71577 Großerlach/Grab, Germany
Phone: +49 7192 9202-0 Fax: +49 7192 9202-99 E-Mail: info@hw-wagner.de

Welcome to the world of
Electronics and Transformers

With more than 60 years of experience, Wagner Elektrogeräte GmbH develops and manufactures Electronics and Transformers for numerous companies in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America.

These include renowned groups of companies. Our high-performance products are reliable in use for decades.

Our Electronics Department, an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) provider, develops and manufactures electronic units such as SMDs and discrete technology.

Our Transformer Department develops and manufactures Transformers, Power Supplies, Chokes, Toroidal Transformers and High-frequency converters as standard products or customer-specific models.